Klenza is a promise made to secure health and promote safer hygiene. Klenza continues to safeguard the health of people by developing innovative ways to protect them from infection-causing germs. Backed by an expertise in germ protection, Klenza is approved as per international standards and continues to be trusted by businesses and families.

Innovative solutions

Klenza’s R&D team relentlessly works and colaborates with reputed institutes like IIT, Delhi to offer innovative hygiene solutions.

The goodness of silver technology

Klenza uses pure Silver Technology, a naturally occurring substance, which controls the growth of germs without the need for harmful chemicals such as Alcohol, Triclosan or Paraben.

Safer chemistry

Unlike many products that are detrimental to the human body, the wide range of Klenza products are clinically approved and 100% safe.

Product Range

Klenza is available in refreshing fragrances with convenient pack sizes.

Klenza for Business

Cleanliness and productivity go hand in hand. Invest in the best hygiene practices for a safe and germ-free work environment. Klenza offers hygiene solutions for.

  • Food processing units
  • Healthcare providers
  • Work places
  • Restaurants
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