Klenza is the flagship brand of the Hygiene chemical division of Resil chemicals Pvt Ltd. With this Brand, the company aims to create awareness on “Importance of hygiene” amongst consumers across the world.
Klenza has a product for every segment. Please scroll the products tab for more information.
Most hand sanitizers today including the herbal varieties use high alcohol content (ranging anywhere from 60% - 95%) to sanitize hands. Klenza with Pure Silver on the other hand is a completely safe option. It’s 100% Alcohol-free, kills 99.999%* germs instantly without making the skin dry and protects hand from germs for over 3 hours*.
All hospitals are governed by IMA guidelines. There is a different variant under Klenza range that can be used effectively for hospitals and is also governed by the IMA guidelines.
Yes. Klenza product range is completely safe on skin and for kids. A series of safety tests were conducted under certified laboratories with positive results. Also, all Klenza products has been approved by the Department of Drug control in India.
Yes. With this benefit, this is the only hand sanitizer which is non-flammable (free from fire hazard), highly safe to store & carry, does not dry skin and is completely safe for kids.
Silver is a patented technology from Resil chemicals Pvt ltd. This is used as an Active for most of the Klenza products which is completely skin safe and within the permissible limits as per guidelines.
Klenza serves to both B2B and B2C segments. There are small packs for individuals and also bulk packs for businesses. Please connect with us on klenza@resil.com to know more on customized solutions that the team has in store for you
Klenza Wet wipes are enriched with the goodness of Silver technology and is Alcohol-free which are completely safe for skin and for kids.
Klenza Sitfresh is an instant toilet seat sanitizer spray which helps in creating a hygienic and fragrant environment for the washrooms.
Yes. Please connect with us klenza@resil.com for more details.
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